I’m a
little rebel.

Little Chickpea was created to change the world.
This humble chickpea has a big dream—to turn the way people think about food upside down.

To make the things we all love to eat,
good for us too.

To make skeptics believers, one taste at a time.

I’m totally not ice cream

Healthier, more sustainable food is an idea whose time has come.

Chickpeas? Really?!

Little Chickpea is based entirely on the non-dairy, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, non-GMO, sustainably - produced, environmentally-friendly chickpea.

So, as more people are having issues with food—allergies, GMOs, environmental sustainability —
Little Chickpea has only one issue—picking your favorite flavor.

Little Chickpea is so full of potential that every last bit of the chickpea is used; nothing goes to waste.

We ‘milk’ chickpeas to create our frozen treats.
What’s leftover is refined into the gluten-free flour that makes our waffle cones and cookies that much healthier.



We get it, maybe ice cream isn’t the first thing you think of at 8:30 am. No worries. We are also a gluten-free bakery with pastries, breads and other sweet and savory treats. We also have espresso and lattes with delicious oat milk too!

Fresh flavors.
Tantalizing tastes.

As fun to say as
they are to eat.


Here’s what people
are saying:

Ask us anything

What are the ingredients to your chickpea ice cream?
Our ice cream is made from chickpeas, water, white and turbinado sugar, safflower oil and the all natural ingredients that make up the flavor.
What are the nutritional facts (calorie count, fat content, etc) of your chickpea ice cream?
We do not have the precise numbers at this time, but we can tell you that our ice cream is 3-4% lower in sugar and about 5% less fat than traditional ice creams.
What are the ingredients for the breads and pastries?
You should come in and ask Anthony or Marine about the ingredients, they will be happy to talk about them!
What type of sugars do you use?
We use white sugar and turbinado sugar in our chickpea ice creams. There is brown sugar in our cookies.
Do you ship your chickpea ice cream or is it distributedy in Portland or beyond?
We do not currently ship anything, but have lots of big plans for the future! Follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all the Little Chickpea news.

Sadly, we are closed for now. But this just means that we have time to focus on bringing our chickpea magic to even more people around the world.

1241 NW Johnson St. Portland, OR 97209
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